“Don’t Stress Over Time To Cross-Over, You Can Say ‘Happy New Year’ By 2 PM”- Pst. Sam Adeyemi Advises.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, the senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, has advised Churches across Nigeria on how to celebrate the cross over to the new year 2021, despite the new covid-19 restriction rules passed by the government.

In a Tweet on Tuesday, Sam Adeyemi stated that there should be no stress over a specific time to cross over into the new year.

He said that Nigerians can cross over to the new year by 2pm on December 31st, 2020 and it will still mean the same as crossing over at 11:59pm on the same day.

He wrote;

“If you say “Happy New Year” at 2pm on 31st December in Lagos, you won’t be wrong. You’ll only be joining people in Sydney Australia to say it at that time. In fact, you’ll be 10 hours ahead of others in Nigeria. Don’t stress over time to crossover. Just crossover. #HappyNewYear.”

Sam Adeyemi’s statement comes after the Lagos and Ogun state government imposed a 12:00am – 4:00am curfew across the state.

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