JUST IN: Over 300 Abducted Katsina School Boys Regain Freedom From Boko Haram Captors.

According to reports about three hundred abducted Katsina secondary school boys have regained freedom from their Boko Haram captors.

A spokesman for the governor of Katsina state, where the boys were taken, said the 344 freed were in good condition and expected home within hours.

None of the kidnapped group were killed, the spokesman added, BBC U.K reported.

Despite claims of abduction by Boko Haram, the Nigerian authorities said the abductions were carried out by local gangs connected to the Islamist group.

The spokesman Abdul Labaran, said that a video purporting to come from Boko Haram showing the boys was authentic, but a message seemingly from the group’s leader Abubakar Shekau was not him but an impersonator.

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