Male Nurse Suspended For Having S*x With Infected Covid-19 Patient. (See Details)

A Male nurse in Indonesia has been suspended from his duty after he had s*x with an infected coronavirus patient.

The nurse reportedly stripped off his personal protective equipment to have s*x with a man infected with Covid-19. The patient and nurse later admitted of not being able to control their urge to have s*x and decided to find a secluded place, which was the hospital’s toilet.

According to reports they both had same-s*x relationship.

“It is true that there has been a suspected incident of a same-s*x relationship between a health worker and a COVID-19 patient at the Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital,” said Asep Gunawan of the National Nurses Association.

The shocking incident came to light after the desperate patient boasted of his fling with the male nurse on social media. The patient had uploaded screenshot of a series of WhatsApp messages exchanged with the nurse on his Twitter account, which went viral. The explicit messages went into detailed discussion in Indonesian about lubricants and the size of the pair’s private parts.

After the post went viral both the patient and the male nurse were questioned by hospital authorities and both admitted of having s*x. 

Both the nurse and the patient are now in independent isolation after the romp in coronavirus field hospital in the country’s capital Jakarta and an investigation into the shocking incident has been launched. Indonesia has a strict anti-pornography law and both the nurse and the patient, if convicted, can end up spending years in jail.

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