Man Physically Abused After Informing Parents Of His Plans To Leave Their Family House

A social media user Ayolex, has taken to his social media page to share disturbing photos as he claimed to have been physically abused by his father and elder brother after he told them of his plans to leave the family house to his own apartment.

Ayolex who said he is 25-year-old, said this was the second time he has been physically abused by the parents for the same reason.

“My own family brutalized me yesterday night all because I wanted to leave their house to rent my own apartment. This is the second time.” Ayolex wrote.

Ayolex, has seen pleaded with Nigerians to tag law enforcement agencies and human right agencies as he plans to take legal action.

“Please tag all Law enforcement agencies and human right agencies that you know. This kind of violence has to stop in all homes across the world.” Ayolex concluded.

Here is the full story from Ayolex:

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