Rapper Lil Wayne Sells His Masters To Universal Music Group For Over $100M.(See Details)

American rapper, Lil Wayne has reportedly sold his masters to Universal Music Group for over 100 million dollars.

According to TMZ, the lucrative deal happened in June, but was not made public until now as part of a lawsuit from Wayne’s former manager.

What Is An Artistes Masters?

A “master” is a term used to refer to the original sound recording copyright of a song. When an artist records a song, he or she is also creating an original sound recording protected under United States copyright law.

Wayne’s reported $100 million deal comes after Kanye West tried to buy back his masters from Universal over the summer.

However, he said his efforts were being thwarted by several contracts he signed. He tweeted out over 100 pages of legal documents, while suggesting new guidelines for recording and publishing deals.

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