South Korea Allows K-Pop Band ‘BTS’ To Postpone Military Service Till Age 30.

South Korea has allowed popular K-Pop Band, BTS postpone their compulsory military service till age thirty.

On Tuesday South Korea’s parliament passed a bill to allow globally recognised K-pop artists postpone their service till a time that suits them.

All able-bodied South Korean men aged between 18 and 28 must serve in the military for about two years as part of the country’s efforts to guard against North Korea.

According to Reuters the amendment to the Military Service Act was designed to provide exceptions for K-pop megastars who improve the country’s cultural status and boost the economy.

No K-pop stars had received exemptions but the new bill will ensure entertainers recommended by the culture minister can defer their service to age 30.

Since launching in 2013, BTS has driven the global K-pop craze with catchy, upbeat music alongside lyrics and social campaigns aimed at empowering young people.

It recently notched a first ever No.1 hit single on the U.S. Billboard charts with the song “Dynamite”, and bagged an unprecedented Grammy nomination as a K-pop band.

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