Checkout The Photos Of The Conjoined Twins That Were Separated At Ilorin Teaching Hospital

Reports gathered online reveals that doctors at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, UITH, has successfully separated a set of conjoined twin girls after having a failed attempt few years ago.

Conjoined twins are two babes born physically connected to each other. Most conjoined twins are stillborn or die shortly, as they develop when an early embryo partially separates to form two individuals.

Before the successful separation of the conjoined twins at UITH, there was a failed attempt in 2005, as after separation the twins died 14 hours later. This is really a breakthrough for the medical team as they showed resilience and worked hard.

Checkout pictures of the conjoined twins before and after separation:

There have been a handful of success stories coming from other separations over the years, as at in 2019, another set of conjoined twins were separated at the National Hospital Abuja.

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