Checkout What The Minister Of Communication And Digital Economy Said About The Importance Of NIN

The Hon. Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim has expressed his delight and the smooth enrollment process of the National Identity Number, NIN, by the citizens.

According to Dr. Isa, he advised Nigerians to always take information’s from the federal government seriously and avoid late minute rush hour, as the NIN registration and it’s been linked to SIM cards, was first announced on 4th February, 2020, as it was given in written form by the federal government to the NCC, which is approximately 10 months ago.

Outlining the importance of the NIN, Dr. Isa said, it can be used to improve on the security of the country, improve social development, help for budget planning and national planning. He also encourages citizens to adhere to the new booking format by the NIN, as it would help ease the crowd and make the enrollment process easier and faster.

“You can’t go to any developed country without finding its citizens with their own identification numbers.” Dr. Isa said.

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