EXPOSED: How To Remove Red Light In The Silhouette Challenge

EXPOSED! How To Remove Red Light In The Silhouette Challenge Videos

So much panic as ladies who joined the Silhouette Challenge are in Trouble As How to Get the Original Video Has Been Exposed.

The Silhouette Challenge went on another level since the Red light made it impossible to see their N@kedness and faces but just curves angles and shapes, this made ladies who joined to go in without clothes and now sharp guys who wanted to see more after some days of feeding off the red light, took it to another level.

It start when a social media user; explained how to get rid of the red light to properly see the video clearly.

He shared all you need to do – download InstaShot App; switch to filter effect and manually adjust the contrast, lighting, saturation and some other options on the APP! LOL!!!!

Ladies are deleting their videos off social media so as not to be exposed, not knowing many of these videos have been saved. Now you know the trick; Whose video are you exposing first ??? LOL!


  1. You really a DEPRIVED PATHETIC DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT/ INCEL – you pushing this bullshiyt without these women’s consent when you can easily acess naked pics – half naked on porn sites.
    The challenge was based on empowerment for women’s bodies in form of silhouettes but y’all had to be on some trifling INCEL BS.

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