Lady Recounts Her Uncles 8-year Experience As She Shares Story On The Importance Of DNA Testing

Still on the matter of DNA test, a social media user Otomee, has taken to her page to share her opinion on why children should undergo DNA Test after delivery.

DNA testing, is used to identify changes in DNA sequence or chromosome structure. DNA paternity testing is the use of DNA profiles to determine whether an individual is the biological parent of another individual.

Otomee shared a story of her uncle and how he knew of his child 8-years later, urged parents to always conduct DNA test, not as a sign of infidelity but to rule out any form of excuses that may result during any form of health crisis.

“About this DNA Test thing I get gist, this one happened to my Uncle.
Few years ago my uncle worked as a chef in a foreign restaurant in Warri, everything was going well and he started dating this lady. About six months into the relationship she told my uncle she was pregnant.
They started making plans for their wedding. Unfortunately my uncle lost his job a month later and madam came back to say the pregnancy was not his. Imagine the heart break, he lost his job, relationship and “child” in 1 month. He really tried fighting. She insisted the pregnancy wasn’t his. Madam got married to a guy that works in chevron two months later, the wedding was loud, my uncle was broken. 8 years later (2018) My uncle got a call from her husband, apparently the child (a boy) was sick and they took him to the hospital and they were some irregularities. The husband investigated and discovered that my uncle dated and almost married her the same time as him. So they did a DNA Test and boom! The boy was my Uncle’s son. Imagine missing out 8 years! 8 years!!!” Otomee wrote.

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