“Marriage Is Just Like Courtship With Formalities” Actress Idemudia Says

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Nollywood actress, film maker, social media influencer and internet celebrity Etinosa Idemudia, has taken to her social media page to share her own opinion on why people who courted for years end up divorcing after one year in marriage.

According to Idemudia, the unrealistic expectations of marriage is one of those reasons, as most people ignore those red flags they see during courtship because they want to answer Mrs. or Mr., and later realize the title isn’t worth the stress, as she stressed it’s only her opinion as they could be more under the cupboard.

“What makes two people who date for 6 years then get married and divorce in less than a year? I’ll say it’s the unrealistic expectations of marriage not knowing that marriage and dating have no significant difference other than the formalities.” Etinosa Idemudia wrote.

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