Arts, Culture and Tourism, panacea for Covid 19: Warri arts festival Chairman

Arts, Culture and Tourism, panacea for Covid 19: Warri arts festival Chairman

The Chairman of Warri Arts Festival has urged the city of Warri to actively participate in the upcoming warri arts festival scheduled to hold from on the 21st -28th, November, 2021 as way of celebrating the reality in our cultural diversity.

The Chairman, Comrade Odigwe Jilams made this call today at the press conference which was held at NPDC Ramp to formally announce the 3rd edition of the festival.

In his remarks, he explained that the Festival is anchored on three core values; Humanity, Creativity and Business Collaboration/Networking and described the festival as an “open global script” that employs all forms of arts to help not only warri metropolis but also global communities deal with their own tragedies while also connecting with other communities.

In his words “The arts, culture and Tourism is the healing therapy after the Covid 19 pandemic….. It is our hope that in times of crises such as these that new partnerships, new visions and new approaches for warri arts festival can be formed which are based on economic development, cultural exchange and partnership.

He further urged everyone to support the festival to a successful conclusion and appreciate those who have supported them so far. The Grand partner of the festival Nigerian Petroleum Develooment Company (NPDC) was present at the event. Also Representatives of the National bodies such as National Association Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioner (NANTAP) National Asoociation of Nigerian Travel Agency (NANTA), Federation Tourism Association of Nigeria (FTAN), Delta Football Association (DFA) amongst others were present at the conference.

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