#LegitLists: 7 Nigerian Artistes That Disappeared From The Music Scene Too Early.

There have been several Nigerian music artistes who have stood out tall over the years and are really doing very well in their craft. They have been able to prove over time that they are in the game for real business and ready to take their place in the music space.

However, as music from Nigerian origin keeps evolving, we have also witnessed several musicians hit the spotlight and thrill us, albeit, some were short-lived even when we expected more from them.

Unfortunately, they left without formal warning and somehow we still miss them. But instead that’s how they fell off the spotlight while new folks gradually took centre stage.

Any ways in this post we’ll take a look at 7 Nigerian Artistes That Disappeared From Music Scene Too Early.

Some of these music acts took long breaks in-between releasing music then eventually stop releasing new songs entirely, however, in other cases some of these artistes died while they were just at the prime of their careers and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Not even their fans or colleagues.

Let’s dive in…


Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun, popularly known as DAGRIN left the music scene at his prime for over a decade now. At age 25, Dagrin was one of the prospective indigenous hip-hop rappers who had a huge cultural influence on the music scene. His demise still hurts and everyone still wishes he stayed longer.


Still acknowledged as one of the best music band in Nigeria, the STYL-PLUS broke up too early. Styl-Plus has been dubbed Africa’s “Boys II Men” due to their ability to deliver heartfelt emotional ballads. The successful group of talented artists with their vocal harmonies, catchy tunes, melodies, R&B style, combined with meaningful and storytelling lyrics are a union between English and their native tongue Yoruba, spoken in Nigeria.

Starting 2003, the group officially had its own record label, STYL-PLUS. However, On Thursday November 15, 2018, it was reported that Tunde Akinsanmi left the group in 2012 and adopted a new stage name “Tunde Tdot”, leaving Shifi and Zeal who currently act as the flag bearers of the group.


Kefee Obareki, the late Delta state born gospel singer had a phenomenal impact in the Nigerian gospel music industry before her demise. She was one of the first to do a cross-industry collaboration gospel – secular and those collaborations were big hits. Her collaborations with Gordon, Duncan Mighty and most importantly “Kokoroko” with Timaya remains legendary as it cut across both the gospel world and secular. Kefee was truly a trailblazer in her industry and her death was just too untimely.

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Ex mavin records signee, Dija was on the lips of all music lovers after she dropped her chart topping song “Awww” which was produced by Don jazzy. Dija blew up immediately she released the song and all eyes were on her but unfortunately she faded away quickly from the music scene to start her own family by getting married. Her song struggled to make it to her fans playlists even after a collaboration with Patoranking but it didn’t work.


Mo’Cheedah still remains one of Nigeria’s highly placed female rappers, who made hits that sold despite how difficult it was to achieve such feat given her genre. The rapper released her debut album while she was still signed to KnightHouse. However, she soon parted ways with the label due to misunderstandings. Years later she slipped from the limelight into obscurity and she’s now focused on beauty and fashion instead.

Hip-Hop lovers definitely miss her alot.

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Still signed to Kennis Music before her demise, the late GOLDIE was one of Nigeria’s top pop diva while she was alive. Goldie Harvey was our own very Lady Gaga, her personality was larger than life and her name hugged the news headlines very often. Unfortunately, we lost Goldie in 2013 and things have not really been the same.


Despite a wonderful debut with “Toh Bad” Eniola Akinbo better known as Niyola couldn’t keep up in the music industry for long. Slowly she retrogressed to the back while other females held on to leave a more enduring mark. 

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