Wande Coal’s Entourage Accused of Beating Up A Man Over A Parking Space.

The entourage of popular Nigerian music star, Wande Coal have been reportedly alleged to have assaulted the brother of a Twitter human rights activist.

According to the Twitter user, Folarin, his elder brother was mercilessly beaten simply because his car blocked the singer’s vehicle in a parking lot.

While venting over the issue, Folarin, alleged that the incident which happen on Tuesday evening, had his elder brother sobbing like a baby while explaining the scenario to him on the telephone.

“You’re a bastard @wandecoal and you won’t get away with what you did to my brother this evening, My elder brother just called me subbing like a child because you and your gang beat him mercilessly simply because his vehicle was in your way,” Folarin tweeted.

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“This bastard and his gang asked my brother to remove his vehicle so they could move, my brother obliged and went to get his car keys, as soon as he approached his car to open it, one of them slapped him, before he could say anything else, another punched him.”

“Never felt so livid in my entire life. My elder brother called me subbing like a child. They’d beaten him so bad he was crying so much. Who the fuck do you think you are?? @wandecoal.”

“My brother is subbing with a swollen face and black eye. All because of what???? My brother is the most easy going person I know. Always avoids trouble, so I’m pretty sure he did absolutely nothing to warrant getting treated like that,” he added.

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