#LegitLists: Ten Weird Animals Nigerians Enjoy Cooking & Eating.

Nigerians can be quite adventurous and intriguing with a lot of things which includes our culture, work, entertainment and most importantly with the kind of food we eat.

In this post we will take a look at some weird animals and insects Nigerians enjoy cooking, eating and adding to their meals.

Let’s take a look at some of them that you might possibly have had;


Some Nigerians, particularly those from Calabar, Ondo and the south-eastern part of the country take the dog meat as a very edible delicacy. Many who have had meat admit that it is very tasty and delicious.


As long as the fangs and venom have been removed, some Nigerians believe that snakes can be eaten as a snack. Once it’s well seasoned, roasted or fried, Snakes are said to be very tasty.

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Popularly known as “Chinge“, the winged termite is a common snack eaten by Nigerians. These insects come out en masse when the rains start and are fond of circling around any source of light that they see. Nigerians pack them, wash, salt and roast them inside a pot, then eat them as a snack.


This tasty and delicious snack is eaten by Nigerians for the south-south region of the country. It is popularly referred to as “maggot” or “edible worm“. They are gotten from rotten palm wine trees.


Mostly eaten by children in the rural parts of the country, grasshoppers are enjoyed when fried, roasted, boiled or sundried.


Crickets are another group of insects that children like to hunt for and take home to to fry or roast with pepper.


Frogs are take the place of the regular cow, chicken or turkey meats in states within the south-eastern region of Nigeria. They are either fresh or dried and used as meat in stews and soups.


In Nigeria Agama lizards were very popular during the civil war when there was little to eat. Now it is something that is eaten, not quite often and especially by children in rural areas who are adventurous. The lizard is roasted for its meat.


Even though monkeys and apes are like second cousins to human beings, some Nigerians have no problem cutting up these species and making a bubbling pot of stew with them. Monkeys as meat are discouraged as they are said to be one way that the ebola virus is spread.


Apparently, a lot of Nigerians enjoy bat meat. The winged mammals are a delicacy in certain places and you can even get some to buy on the expressway from those selling ‘bush meat’. They are also discouraged as they are speculated to be one form that the ebola virus is spread.

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