#LegitLists: Doing These 8 Things Can Damage Your Immune System. Be Careful!

You are more susceptible to getting sick when your immune system is weak. Hence, having a healthy immune system is crucial for your body’s ability to ward off viruses, bad bacteria, parasites, and other infections. 

Our own behaviors and habits have a definite impact on our health, and these activities can cause some serious damage on our immune systems.

It’s much better to take matters into your own hands with preventative care, than wait before your immune system gets weaken completely.

Here are 8 Things You Are Doing That Can Damage Your Immune System:


In as much as we love to keep to ourselves most times, unfortunately being lonely all the time can indirectly weaken your immune system due to the stress it triggers. To avoid this try getting social once in a while or more often.


Living a stress-filled life with so much anxiety can be very harmful to your health. This is because stress reduces the immune system’s ability to fight against diseases. Also the stress hormone can stop the immune system from functioning well. 

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Not getting the needed exercise your body requires can be bad for your well being. Staying indoor all day without moving your muscles can contribute to a poor immune response. Working out regularly not only boosts your energy. It can also boost your immunity.

Physical fitness pumps up the number of antibodies and white blood cells in your body, which are equally necessary for the early detection of infections and for fighting them off. 


Taking in more than the needed amount of alcohol your body needs is very dangerous to your health. The excess intake of alcohol makes it harder for the immune system to fight against diseases and infections. It also increases the risk of serious infections. 

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Eating a variety of local fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes (beans), rather than excess meat, poultry, or dairy products will do more help to your immune system. Fiber provides nourishment to the billions of “good” bacteria in our guts responsible for keeping our immune systems in great health. 


An excess usage of antibiotics for the slightest ailment or infection can cause damage to your immune system. Medical studies prove that antibiotics can actually work against the body and impair the way the immune system wards of germs if taken in excess.

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Different types of microbes, including viruses and bacteria, are present all around us. These can cause a variety of illnesses if we do not maintain a healthy immune system. One of the factors that contribute to the weakening of the immune system is the lack of proper hygiene.

The best way to keep these microbes at bay is to maintain proper hygiene habits like washing hands regularly, wearing clean clothes and drinking pure water.


Sleep is the time when your body recharges and heals. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body is denied the downtime that’s necessary to stay on top of invading pathogens. This is because sleep helps sustain the functioning of the immune system.

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