#MusicBrainer: Jobs/Career Paths In The Music Industry Pt.1.

Thinking of getting a job or switching your career path to the music industry? This post will guide you to  to some of the different jobs in the music industry and what roles/job functions are involved in each.

Here is a detailed list of some Jobs/Career Paths In The Music Industry;

1. Artist Manager: This is one of the most popular and important job role in the music industry. An artist manager is the professional representative and advisor for a music artist or band. Managers help build an artist’s career and get their client’s music in the hands of producers and label executives, as well as negotiating contracts, setting up tours and book shows.

2. Sound Engineer:  Although there different roles for a sound engineer. One of such roles is that a sound engineer can work with the music artist during music production, while the other is to be in charge of making the sound for a live show or gig.

3. Music Journalist: A music journalist’s work perks involve writing music reviews, conducting interviews and documenting commentaries on music and pop culture topics.

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4. Radio Promoters/PR/Pluggers: The job function of a Radio Promoter (PR or Plugger) is to help promote an artist’s music releases to radio stations. They fill in the gap between the musicians/labels and the radio station.

5. Producers: If you like the art of recording and working in a studio then this job role fits you. Producers basically bring an artist’s recording to life. Producers are responsible for determining and leading the creative and technical aspects of recordings, whether for a single song, an album, or a soundtrack. There are different types of producers we’ve got majorly the executive producers and music/record producers.

The Executive producers secures and manages the budget while overseeing the entire project using an entrepreneurial approach. While the Music/Recording producers typically work in the studio with artists, musicians, Production Music Writer and Audio Engineers to create and sonically shape the finished tracks.

6. Artist and Repertoires (A&Rs): You must have probably heard or seen this term recently, however here is what an A&R does; an Artist and Repertoires are mostly record label representatives who scout or find new artists and help get them signed to the label. The act as an intermediary between the artist and the record label until the artist gets signed.

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7. Music Publicist/PR: PR is an acronym for “press relation” or “public relation”. However, it is also used as an initial to refer a person who works in media/press relations. A PR agency or PR strategist is usually hired to work on a campaign basis to promote a new album, single or tour. Some other roles of a music PR include; promoting to print media, websites, press publishers, television and radio stations.

8. Graphics/Cover Art Designers: A Graphic designer can work in the music industry by producing track-art or album cover designs for music related projects. Graphic designers could also create posters, T-shirts, and other merchandise for music artists and record labels. 

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9. Tour Managers: When music artists go on tour, the tour, road or logistics manager takes charge of the details of the tour. They travel with the artist and his team and do all of the jobs like checking into hotels, liaising with promoters and generally trying to make things go as smoothly as possible.

10. Promoters: Promoters help promote both an artist’s music or live performances and shows as the case may be. There are mainly two types of promoters – the music promoters and show promoters.


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