Troms Makes A Statement with Debut EP “Intentions”

With a stellar star-maker reputation preceding them, Longitude Promotions is set to introduce the world to yet another musical sensation TROMS.

Talented emerging artist, Troms, is set to release his debut EP Intentions. The project is his debut ; he has been holed up in the studio working on his craft and Troms is excited to finally serve listeners a fresh Afropop sound.

The EP sees Troms showcase his extraordinary vocal prowess, singing effusively on tracks like “Senseless,” as he takes on instrumentals with a sense of calm, glossing smoothly over poignant chords and mellow percussion. On the 4-track EP, Troms touches on themes of love and romance, using a blend of Pidgin, English, and Yoruba to deliver mellifluous melodies. His writing is underpinned by an unmistakable honesty.

He sings about his urgent need for a lady on “Senseless” and on “My Head” he sings about how he’s been bewitched by a purported femme fatale. As a singer, Troms is passionate about how he conveys his emotions with music and is conscious of self-expression, refining his harmonies to appeal to the sensual side of listeners.

Troms developed an interest in music at a young age after joining the choir and that interest nudged him to work on his abilities, obtaining a guitar and spending most of his time singing. Troms eventually decided to follow his passion and dreams of being an artist in 2021 and the journey so far has at the same time exhilarating and eye-opening. He is grateful for how far he has come and is aware that he still has a long way to go.
Intentions owes its production credits to the likes of musical geniuses like Black Culture, Mr. Soul, Kulboy and Elvin.



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