Guchi releases new EP ‘Purple Diary’ featuring Ladipoe & Yemi Alade

Between her self-titled debut and her latest project-Purple Diary, Guchi has gone from newbie to breakout star and now, she approaches mainstay status in today’s Afropop. Targeted at millions of her adolescent and young adult fans who relate, the 21-year-old taps into the diary culture for her title theme, logging in entries of passionate, and borderline-obsessive love. For this six-track party of emotions, Guchi hosts Yemi Alade, Ladipoe, Duktor Sett, Soundboy, Shy Boy and Chechdaproducer.

Not Just Ok

Considering the despicable state of the dating pool locally and globally, Guchi cannot understand how she landed a gem. With this great passion comes a greater fear of vulnerability and irrationality. On Shy Boy and Chechdaproducer’s sexy and sassy collaborated-production, Guchi questions the lengths she’s willing to go to for a love so intoxicating.

Taken Over

The conversation trickles in from the first track but with more context. “This boy’s taking over my body and soul” laments Guchi but her guest – Ladipoe comes in from an angle of assurance declaring their relationship a safe space. Duktor Sett’s bright instrumental is the backdrop against which Guchi conducts a fanfare of melody.


Unable to rein her feelings in, Guchi confesses to losing control as the thoughts of this person plague her every day of the week. She dreads that the rejection might kill her but she’s willing to risk it all.

I Swear

On this iconic Gen Z and millennial partnership, Guchi and Yemi Alade shower encomium on their significant others. Long before the music materialized, listeners continued to liken the style of both singers. “I Swear” satisfies the demand for their collaboration, while honouring the crucial roles both women play in the industry.


Shattered follows the story of a girl romantically involved with a nonchalant narcissist who will neither take responsibility for his actions nor uphold the integrity of his commitments. “I gave you my heart in peace and now you are giving it back in pieces”, cries Guchi in the opening line of her first verse. She gives more insight into the mixed signals that have become the order of the relationship.


Over Soundboy’s horn-designed arrangement, Guchi addresses the intruder living rent-free in her head. “Make we do the wrong things in a good way,” says Guchi in encouragement, yet accusing him of invading her fantasy. This song concludes the “Purple Diary”; a project guaranteed to further etch the essence of Guchi’s artistry into global music culture.

Purple Diary is available for streaming and download on all preferred digital music platforms.



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