Nigerian Super Model Nworgu Victoria J. Shines With Captivating Art Works

Nigerian super model, Victoria Nworgu Jummai, a graduate of French Education from Nasarawa State University, Department of Arts and Social Sciences, Comes out with something new and captivating arts still on sales now.

Victoria Nworgu showcase her art which reminds us of the Nigerian history of the 1800 , Love and Unity. Nigerians are known for their vibrant and friendly energy expressed through diverse creative expressions, with different languages, the art featured the three major languages in Nigeria.

She made an art of an English clown , which signifies a grotesquely dressed comedy performer in a circus. ,a person who habitually jokes and plays the buffoons;

While the French clown significance implies that today mime might mean French people in face paint, but the genre actually has its origins in the theatres of Ancient Greece. Back then things were very different: mimes were simply dramatisations, often of scenes of daily life, relying on elaborate movement and gesture but also incorporating speech and some song.

She also made an art which will simplify the peace and love between the two major religions in Nigeria which are Christians and Muslims.

See her merchandise below;

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