Maxino x ODUMODUBLVCK x Erigga – Devil Agent (2 Fighting)

Nigerian hip hop artiste, Maxino, has collaborated with Erigga and ODUMODUBLVCK the Declan Rice crooner, to release this highly anticipated hot new hip hop song titled “Devil Agent (2 Fighting).” The song promises to be a hit among hip hop fans in Nigeria and beyond.

Maxino, who is known for his powerful lyrics and distinct flow, has teamed up with Erigga, the “PaperBoi” and ODUMODUBLVCK, the duo behind the viral hit “Declan Rice & Picanto” to create a song that is sure to leave an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene. “Devil Agent (2 Fighting)” is a hard-hitting, energetic track that showcases the lyrical prowess of all three artists.

The song’s title, “Devil Agent (2 Fighting),” speaks to the theme of the song, which is a call to fight against the negative forces that seek to hold us back. In the song, the artists encourage listeners to stand up for what they believe in and fight against the forces that seek to bring them down.

The combination of Maxino’s unique flow, Erigga’s gritty delivery, and ODUMODUBLVCK’s infectious energy, makes “Devil Agent (2 Fighting)” a must-listen for fans of Nigerian hip hop.

Speaking on the collaboration, Maxino said, “It’s an honor to work with Erigga and ODUMODUBLVCK on this track. We’ve been able to create something special that we hope will inspire our fans to fight against the negative forces in their lives.”

“Devil Agent (2 Fighting)” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Fans of Nigerian hip hop are encouraged to listen and enjoy the unique blend of talent and creativity that Maxino, Erigga, and ODUMODUBLVCK have brought to the table.



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