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Ink Boy Demands Royalties From Sarkodie For One Million Cedis Collaboration

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ink Boy, is currently in a dispute with rapper Sarkodie over unpaid royalties for his contribution to the song “One million cedis” featured on Sarkodie’s JAMZ album.

Despite being acknowledged by Sarkodie himself for originating the song title, Ink Boy claims he hasn’t received any royalties even a year after the song’s release.

In a series of social media posts, Ink Boy expressed frustration over the lack of payment, stating that he has reached out to Sarkodie’s management multiple times without any success.

Sarkodie had previously acknowledged Ink Boy’s contribution to the song in an interview, giving credit to him for coming up with the catchy title. However, despite this acknowledgment, Ink Boy insists that he has not been compensated for his creative input.

In a previous interview with 3Music TV, Ink Boy revealed that there was no formal agreement in place regarding his contribution to the track. While discussions were ongoing with Sarkodie’s team to sort out the paperwork and establish a fair compensation arrangement, no tangible progress seems to have been made yet.

Sarkodie’s team has not issued any official statement regarding the allegations made by Ink Boy. However, this situation highlights the importance of formal agreements and clear communication in collaborative creative projects to avoid disputes over royalties and credits later on.

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