Chike Announces Release Date for Third Album

Nigerian singer Chike has officially revealed that his third studio album, Son of Chike, will be released on July 19, 2024.

Following the success of his previous albums, Boo of the Booless (2020) and The Brother’s Keeper (2022), Chike continues to make waves in the Afrobeats and R&B scene. His debut album, Boo of the Booless, released on Valentine’s Day in 2020, explored various aspects of love with powerful vocals and smooth melodies. Hits from this album include “Beautiful People” and “Fancy U.”

His sophomore album, The Brother’s Keeper, showcased his artistic growth, covering a wider range of themes and sounds. This album resonated with fans for its depth and reflection, featuring notable tracks such as “On Fire (Pana Time)” and “Ego Oyibo.”

With Son of Chike set to drop soon, fans are eagerly anticipating the musical direction Chike will take. The announcement has generated significant excitement, and expectations are high for what this new album will bring to the music scene. Given Chike’s impressive track record, Son of Chike is poised to be another success story.

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