Incredible Zigi Ignites Summer Dance Challenge With Stonebwoy’s “Your Body” Choreography

Famed Ghanaian dancer Incredible Zigi has unveiled his latest choreographic masterpiece for the summer, featured in Stonebwoy’s new music video “Your Body.”

The collaboration between the country’s leading dancer and Stonebwoy, the reigning Artiste of the Year has resulted in a visual spectacle that’s set to usher in the summer rave.

As Ghana’s undisputed dance king and personal choreographer to Stonebwoy, Zigi has cooked up a choreography masterpiece perfectly complementing the hit single, “Your Body”

The choreography pays homage to natural beauty, with the stunning backdrop of Ghana’s tropical beaches adding to the video’s allure. The dance moves capture the exuberance and festivity of life along the Gold Coast, creating a perfect visual complement to the song’s upbeat rhythm.

True to form, Incredible Zigi’s choreography for “Your Body” is primed to spark another wave of dance challenges on social media platforms. Known for his ability to create viral dance trends, Zigi’s latest work is expected to inspire fans and fellow dancers to showcase their interpretations of his moves.

Join the fun and participate in the “Your Body” dance challenge, and let your moves be part of this summer’s hottest trend!

Watch the dance challenge here:

Watch the official music video here:

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