Usher Visits US Capitol To Raise Awareness For Type 1 Diabetes

Grammy-winning artiste Usher visited the United States Capitol on Tuesday to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes, a cause close to his heart.

Usher met with lawmakers, including House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Senator Raphael Warnock, to discuss healthcare policy and the importance of early screening for type 1 diabetes. The visit was a personal endeavor for the singer, whose son Cinco was diagnosed with the condition in 2014.

The musician showed his support for the PREVENT DIABETES Act, a bill aimed at increasing access to the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program. Usher expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to share his story and promised to continue advocating for the cause.

Usher’s visit to the Capitol highlights the importance of raising awareness and supporting research for type 1 diabetes. His advocacy work will undoubtedly inspire others to join the fight against this chronic condition.

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