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Herbal drinks do NOT “flush system” – Tips For Good Health

Below is a very vital information and shared tips for good health. According to Dr Olufunmilayo YES! Herbal drinks do NOT “flush system”. Except your kidneys have failed you do NOT need anything to flush your system. The body has a natural system of removing waste products and toxins, It consists of: •Kidneys •Liver •Skin •Intestine •Lymphatic system •Lungs/Respiratory tract …

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COVID-19: All You Need To Know About Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The sickest patients in any hospital are in the intensive care unit (ICU). You could end up here if you need particular treatment or need to be watched closely. Who Comes Here: Most people here have serious problems with one or more of their organs so things like the Lungs or the Heart or the Kidneys. For Coronavirus patients, It’s …

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HEALTH TIPS: Things You Don’t Know About Soursop

Things You Do Not Know About Soursop

Soursop is a fruit with very nutrient dense which provides a good amount of vitamin c and fiber, it also contains small quantity of iron,niacin,folate and low calories. Soursop is recommended for both the young and old because of its health benefit which are listed below: 1. IT HELPS TO STABILIZE BLOOD SUGAR: soursop has shown to help stabilize and …

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Benefits Of A Healthy Sexual Relationship With Omoshola’s Empire

The modern day man/woman is now more than ever interested and almost obsessed with not just looking good but also feeling as good as they look. Young millennials not only care about their physical appearance but they are also constantly seeking for ways to improve their sexual knowledge. They are as keen as ever in being both healthy and fit …

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@theFaridaAdamu Shares Most Painful Experience on Her Birthday @24

The world is indeed a market place, one day all will be traded and return home. Life is full of challenges varing from critical to climax. Many who lookupon their present predicaments think no one else could bear such heinous experiences and pains. Not knowing that theirs’ is just a hope in the face of others. The story of Farida …

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Effective Natural Remedies You Should Know

Do you know there are various home ingredients that you can use to tackle numerous everyday problems. For instance, you can take apple cider vinegar and honey if you have cold, hay fever, or trichonomiasis. You can also use borax, chalk, and cloves to get rid of numerous insects such as fruitflies, ants, and mosquitoes. Well, now you know. You …

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