By Paul Trend

As simply put, “Birthday” has no specific meaning neither does it have limited ways of celebration. Though, it is a day that earmarks when one was born. Defining it then has individual alternation, depends on what is on ground as budgeted for the memorable day.

Everybody can never be the same, some sets of people who are reserved or quiet look for one thing or the other to forget the theme of the day. “Best thing that could happen to someone is change”. No matter what the day brings, it must be embraced joyously.
However, your birthday worth celebrating. Below are things you must do to make your birthday momentum;
1. Before, on and after the particular date, thank God for the journey so far. Come to look at it, many were born on the same day, only few are birthday mate.
2. No matter the situation, change your mood. Life is full of challenges until Jesus comes, this time around, you just must be on happy mood by feeling blessed.
3. The moment is just like a plain land which is yet to be surveyed by Surveyors. No matter how small the decisions and activities for the day are, come up with a tangible plan for the day.
4. Almost everybody is now social media oriented, join the trends. If you like, you can anticipate your birthday few days to the occasion. This entails you logging into your social media handles and tell what happens in few days.
5. If you are buoyant, make preparations for dope party. There is no limit to what you can achieve when it comes to this, “cut the cloth according to the fabric”
6. No matter what you make from article 5, make slot for makeovers and photo-shoots.
7. Embark on the role of a Phtoto-Journalist, tell stories with the little write-ups and images for the moment.
8. Be appreciative, anywhere you are, always be seemed to be there. School, work or locations, get little chops for your friends. If cake is made possible, dish it out cheerfully to people present.
9. If available, go out with your loved one, family or friends to special place of your interest. For instance, if you happen to be a movie person, going for movies might be the best choice amidst others.
10. The last and not the least, rap all with an appreciation. Depends on the medium you decide to use, if you like, call those who wished you on phone to thank them. Thank God for the advent of social media, life is now made easy, it is just a matter of having data. Do a general post on your online platforms to have a sense of appreciation. Congratulations!!!

In conclusion, if your menu encompasses all as enlisted above, your enjoyment for the moment is guaranteed.

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