#2019DEBATE : Candidates Shun The Need To Empower Nigerian Teachers

Education is simply the process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgement. Before it is imparted, it goes through a process by teaching. Teachers are however major roles in the process.

As the bedrock of every society, it is important to address key issues to get a better educational system.

Unfortunately, in the ongoing 2019 Presidential Debate in Nigeria through the national Televisions, questions thrown from educations remain hanging.

The debate which took place without the presence of the bigwigs, standing contestants were put on the spot.

Listening to the live broadcast on Television Continental, TVC, it is so disheartening, non of the candidates spoke on the need to empower teachers.

The so-called manifestos seem to repeat from time to time. Same agenda being issued year, year out. The quest remains, how long would Nigeria continue? .#2019Debate #Presidentialdebate2019

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