“I have to find a way to be crazy” #InMyLineOfWork

Many have said news do not break on Twitter anymore, rather, news trend. Among the top leading tweets this Sunday is the #tag cutting across all walks of life #InMyLineOfWork

Twitter environment is indeed found interesting on the go. This as many are taking to the public playing around their areas of concentration.
Enjoy some key tweets bellow:

#InMyLineOfWork Godly content struggle to get noticed while nude and pornographic content remain atop the consumer pyramid holding all the attention.
Amateur Digital Marketing Strategists, or new bae brand influencers always boost on the number of followers they have. What’s so painful is they put up their analytics as an image on their profile header. They lack the ethics of DM and CMSP, they have no USP’s. #Inmylineofwork
#InMyLineOfWork Out of the many negative content on social media and the internet generally. I’ve found a way to contribute positively to the media world. On Instagram
@ogbenioye facebook page ‘OYE. I help children, youths and young adults view life from other perspectives.
#InMyLineOfWork I have to find a way to be crazy even with the most Conservative content cos crazy sells the best on the Internet.
#InMyLineOfWork people expect us to be uneducated, dirty, old and poor just because we are farmers. We are changing the narratives with soilless farming. Today’s farmers are educated, we are young intellectuals using technology.
#InMyLineOfWork Having a lot of Followers might be an advantage but if you can’t churn out High Quality Content on the regular, you’d always struggle to GAIN attention.

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