INEC Will Determine 2019 General Election …Columnist

Atmosphere gauged by Nigerians in approach to 2019 general election seem triggering and interesting. This we from time to time see from different reactions. 

Almighty 2019 election many percieve a big electoral activity that will ever take place in the history of the country.

To some, it is nothing to write home about as all politicians are birds of the same feathers! The different popular and unpopular political parties they say are of the same species.

While to others, it will be revolutionary. In a big question articled on Vanguard Newspaper “Is INEC Really Preparing For Success Or Failure?” This a correspondence by columnist, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa.

According to him, credible election is achievable come February and INEC is fully on ground to deliver.

In his words:

“Thus from the look of things, INEC will determine the 2019 elections and must be prepared to bear the consequences. But with the most recent rumblings in the polity the Government in power may beat INEC to it!!!”

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