2019 ELECTION: Prof. Soyinka Endorses Preferred Candidate

In few days to election, Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka endorsed his preferred candidate, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu of the Young Progressive Party (YPP), for President.

Not long Prof. Soyinka lambast the actions of the present federal government who he charged to have concentrated all effort in the fight against corruption. Recalling with the unanswered question “Na anticorruption we go chop? “

In a report on ThisDay, Soyinka and his civil society group, Citizens Forum, announced to the public in a statement he personally signed, where he outlined circumstances leading up to the decision which he described as rigorous.

According to the noble laureate, after a severe scrutiny he however believes Moghalu is best for the job to lead Nigeria.

In his statement read: “The nation has been brought to her knees. Internally, the blaring media testimony needs no augmentation. Beyond her borders, Nigeria is the tale of citizens designated pariahs of the global community for whom special dossiers are opened, and units of security agencies are specifically assigned. Online transactions are programmed to reject basic usage once the word ‘Nigeria’ is inserted in the Data profile. There are few nation left, within or outside the continental borders where – no matter the codeword – a Nigerian ‘room’ has not been designated.

Adding that: “It was not always thus. Numerous Nigerians believe that it need not remain so. There is always a choice to be made outside any presumptuous orders – in reality associations guaranteed to perpetuate social disorders and the politics of inequality. This is not the thinking of any one individual but of a large section of this populace. If it were not, there would not have been a record number of nearly a hundred political groups aspiring to take over the reins of governance.”

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