5 Fake Army Officers In Police Custody

As general election draws close, politicking gets more intense. Five Army officers suspected to be fake soldiers, have been paraded by the Imo State Police Command headquarters in Owerri.

The parade which took place yesterday, the Commander, 34 Artillery Brigade, Obinze Owerri, Brigade General H. I. Bature stated this during the signing of the peace accord by the Imo State governorship candidates ahead of the general elections.

Narrating the fake entourage, Bature said that two out of the five suspects were caught escorting a politician but the army commander did not mention the name of the politician said to be enjoying the security of the fake army officers.

As quoted on Vanguard news, Bature said:

You can see, they are wearing the same uniform. You will find it difficult to differentiate them from  myself. They are not soldiers. Unfortunately, two of them were caught escorting a politician.

“One of them, Kelvin is not  anywhere close to a military  formation. We have a way of identifying fake soldiers. The exhibits recovered are unbelievable. I want to sensitize our people that if you are in the habit of recruiting fake soldiers, we will arrest you.”

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