Nigerians Attack Senator Ben Bruce On Mobility

“My name is Ben Murray-Bruce and I am a lover of democracy. Today I make an urgent appeal to all patriotic Nigerians with means. For the sake of democracy, please consider sponsoring buses to enable voters travel to vote after the frustration of the postponement #BusesForDemocracy”

As shown above is the extract of the statement of Common Sense Advocate, Ben Bruce who tried to show his concern in the face of election postponement which has left many stranded.

Ben Bruce relayed this via his twitter handle, at the release of which many Nigerians have continue to counter. See some critics bellow:

106 @nass can contribute just 1M naira from their 14M monthly salary. That will be 106M service to the people they claim to represent. Start & let’s see which senator decline & we can vote that 1 out. This will be recorded as great service to humanity. Even Reps & governors too”
you can sponsor them with the money you have amassed from the senate,its not your own money alone,its our money now”
I would rather walk 4 to see my democracy progress, dan gt into buses sponsored by corrupt people. No mata d delay we’ll thrive. And stop using such vote buying mechanism 2 thrill people, cuz it won’t work.. I wonder y u guys still campaign wen PDP is already winning in 5 states”
Una papa All the money Atiku embezzled should be more than enough for #BusesForDemocracy Shey Le stupid”
My people such buses will be dangerous to travel in. It may be proned to attack because political affiliations. Please Nigeria is volatile right now. Be guided”
To list but a few, keep your reactions coming on this at the comment section.

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