BREAKING NEWS: Ehigiator, Adebayo Samson, still wanted by PDP

The aftermath of the brutal killing of Chief Patrick Ehigiator, the whereabout of his son, Ehigiator Adebayo Samson is still unknown.

Investigations reveal that supporters of the People Democratic Party, PDP are still searching for the hideout of Ehigiator Adebayo Samson. It could be recalled that on the 30th January 2015, the political clash between the supporters of the People Democratic Party, (PDP) and the opposition party, All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo State claimed over Six lives, several injured, while some were missing.

The trouble began at the public field in Ovia South West, When supporters of President Goodluck invaded the campaign rally ground organized by the supporters of the All Progressive Congress.

It was during the clash that the father of Adebayo Samson , Chief Patrick Ehigiator, Leader of the APC in the community, and others were killed. Ehigiator Adebayo Samson who was also at the rally narrowly escaped death.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Observer investigations revealed that supporters of the ruling party (PDP) have secretly promised a handsome reward to anyone that can supply useful information on the where about of Ehigiator Adebayo Samson.

The supporters the PDP have allegedly vowed to eliminate Ehigiator Adebayo Samson, as he is one of those opposing the re-election bid of Goodluck Jonathan, the president of Nigeria.

With the said development, Ehigiator Adebayo Samson has since gone into hiding for safety.

It is unfortunate that Ehigiator Adebayo Samson has lost his father during the political clash.

All supporters of the APC Ovia South West LGA, have appealed to the community where Ehigiator Adebayo Samson is hiding to grant him all necessary assistance and protection.

Source; Undisclosed.

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