Man cries out - Seems my wife wants me to sleep with her sister

Man cries out – Seems my wife wants me to sleep with her sister

With all indications, it seems like this man’s wife wants him to sleep with her sister and he is already tired of their antics that he had to take to a popular forum, Nairaland to seek for help.

In his narration, the man revealed that his wife’s sister of about 22 years, who just came around to live with them, walks around the home in transparent night gowns and she does it even while his wife is around, but the wife never complains about it.

Read his full write-up below:

I really need help and strategies to handle this matter. My wife sister came three weeks ago to live with us. She is 22 yrs. My problems now is her dressing mode which my wife is not careful about.

This lady always wear see-through singlets and night gowns. She has big breasts and always displaying them. I don’t know how I will tell my wife to talk her sister to cover herself. She may feel bad that I’m attracted to her sister.

During the sallah holiday, I was with her alone because my wife don’t holiday in her place of work, I have to leave the house and stay in the accommodation given to me in my place of work.

This morning, I carried my undies to wash, she crossed me and told me to give it to her to wash, the towel she tied because she was going to bathroom before was removing and showing her full breasts and she never worry about that.

Our marriage is just one year and I never cheated on my wife and she trusted me but her sister is really giving me emotional trauma. Can you imagine, yester night, my wife went to a programme, I was with her. So I called her around 8 pm that we should pray and go to bed. This lady came with a see-through night gown with a push up bra that put all breasts outside. Even her pant color was visible. I tried to control myself

Even this morning, she came for prayer with the same gown and my wife did not caution her…

How can I handle this matter?

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