XENOPHOBIA: You’re A Soapy Gone Wrong – IK Ogbonna Slams AKA

The South African Rapper AKA who supported his country’s xenophobic treatment on Nigerians have been slammed by Nigerian Actor, IK Ogbonna.

In response to AKA indirect support to his country for killing Nigerians in cold blood all for xenophobia, Nigerian Actor IK Ogbnna addressed AKA as a masturbation (soapy) gone wrong.

While several Nigerian OAP’s keep deleting AKA’s songs in their folders, Nigerian Actor IK Ogbonna slams AKA by calling him a Masturbation (soapy) gone wrong.

See IK Ogbonna’s reaction on Xenophobia.

What do you think as IK Ogbonna slams AKA? Drop comments …

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