Victor AD Could Be a One-Hit Artiste Unless He Does This (A Must Read)

Victor AD Could Be a One-Hit Artiste Unless He Does This (A Must Read)

So far so good, Victor AD has had an amazing career. He has amassed over twelve (12) million views Youtube. Victor Eugenie started off his career in 2014 but waited till June 2018 to record his first hit single titled “Wetin We Gain”. The music video of the song has garnered more than 9,000,000 million views on popular video platform YouTube so far.

Ever since, Victor AD has struggled to replicate another global hit. Despite featuring Davido in ‘Tire You’ and dropping a 6-track EP in 2019 titled RED EYE’ under his deal with SJW Entertainment, the 26 year has failed to record another hit single this year.

Few weeks ago, he premiered a new single dubbed “Too Much Money”. The single was well accepted with over a million streams across all streaming platforms. “Too Much Money” could have been his second global hit single until it got the worst reception by his YouTube fans. The official video still struggles with less than 15,000 views on Youtube in 5 days.


Victor AD is more or less underperforming. His talent isn’t enough to give him the audience and numbers he deserves. Despite having over 12 million views on Youtube, his 2018 hit single “Wetin We Gain” gives him exactly 75% of those views. This shows how declining his career has gone ever since.

Here are few things Victor AD needs to do to avoid being a one-hit artiste.

1. Change Management

Relationships are like the basis of music business. This is why artistes sign to management companies, to extend their hands to the ‘who is who’ in the game. Victo AD lacks some backup. He lacks some connected guys in his clique . I think he will either tell Longitude promotions to sit up or change his management to be able to grow and retain his spot in this over saturated market.

2. Do more collaborations

To be the hottest act, you need to be the act with the most loyal fans. Reaching more audience requires new and calculated collaborations. Collaborations widens artistes reach. What huge money and expensive promotions cant’ afford, calculated and successful collaborations can achieve that.

After featuring Davido in “Tire You”, Victor returned to the top with amazing numbers. He regained airplays and accrued great streams. The single gave him 16% of his total views on the popular video streaming platform.


“Wetin We Gain” and “Tire You” both totals 91% of his views on Youtube. This only tells us one thing; Victor AD need to put in more work in either getting others on his songs or being in touch with good A&R to fetch him some great features.

3. Adopt New and Working Promotional Strategies

It could only be poor promotional strategies that could reproduce less than 15,000 views for an official video whose audio had over 200,000 views on Youtube. Victor AD desperately needs to change his team or PR. Like earlier noted, his talent is great, the grace is intact but he just need to change a few things to avoid being a one-hit artiste.

N/B: This is only a promotional article to highlight a few points that could help.

Article Written by Dat Kulgee

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