"Women are not stupid, Most Men Still Marry and Still Sleep Around" - Mr P's Wife

“Women are not stupid, Most Married Men Still Sleep Around” – Peter Okoye’s Wife

Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Okoye has called out men for always sleeping around even after getting married.

The wife of Mr P, a member of the defunct Nigerian music duo ‘Psquare‘ believes men do not understand the marriage program and what it entails.

She advises men to choose spouses that gives them love, sex and stability and not end up having extra marital affairs in search for love and sex.

She said this while reacting to a post on Instagram educating women on why men don’t married their dates most of the times.


In her words, “…men need to get with the program! Women are not stupid. You will have peace of mind if you do right by women. Marriage is a partnership. You get what you give.”

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