Tennis superstars Federer, Nadal play to immense crowd in Cape Town.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal  playing an exhibition doubles with American billionaire Bill Gates and South African comedian Trevor Noah

The evening at the Cape Town Stadium was expected to draw 50,000 people.

The match is the sixth edition of the event organised by the Roger Federer Substructure and is the first to take place in Africa.

The record for the most immensely colossal attended tennis match was set last year in November in Mexico City when Federer beat German Alexander Zverev in a bullring in front of 42,517 fans.

“There is so much anticipation that goes into it that the match itself virtually gets forgotten,” verbalized Federer.

Federer expressed that he hoped to raise at least $1 million for the substratum, which promotes edification for children in Southern Africa and Switzerland.

Federer withal paired up with American philanthropist Bill Gates and played a doubles match against Nadal and US-predicated South African comedian Trevor Noah.

Federer said his mother, Lyenette Federer, who is South African, is “very, very blissful right now.”

“The time spent here as a kid was astonishing,” Federer verbalized. “You would go on the road and you never come back for some reason because you’ve gotta chase that little tennis ball and you’ve gotta chase your dreams.”

Tens of thousands of fans emerged early and were ecstatic when Nadal and Federer hit practice balls into the stands.

One fan expressed that she brought a wedding ring for Federer to propose to her.

Nadal, a 19-time grand slam champion, said his aim was to have fun.

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