Nigerian Citizens Question The Where About of Buhari

In a time when the world faces a serious pandemic, world leaders are more closer to their citizens more than ever. The Nigerian President can be said to have gone “Ghost Mode” on its citizens and that has caused people of the nation to question the present location and health status of the president again which many believes he’s no longer in the country.

Nigerians have gone on Twitter with a #buhariChallenge to air their frustration on the silent treatment from the president after an alleged audio message from an unknown source which said the President left the country with his chief of staff for medical treatment. The official handle of the Presidency of Nigeria has since debunked the audio recording saying its fake and that president is doing well in good health.

According to, it was reported on Wednesday that the president can no longer work in his office due to fumigation being carried out and that he has returned to his official residence. contrary to the supposed report from, the official twitter handle of the Presidency Nigeria on Thursday showed the president still at supposed fumigated office sill working.

A live press message or more broadcast messages from the President will not only silence critics, but will also give hope to the nation at this trying time when the world faces a pandemic.

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