Police Arrest Fake Vigilante In Rivers State

Everybody has a responsibility to assist the police either by phone calls or important tip-off that can aid or help make the work of the police faster and easier. Its a constitutional right, even private individuals and organizations can arrest a suspected criminal and hand over suspect to the police for further investigation and possible arrest. Its has been on records that so many criminals wear the uniform of the police or various agencies in perpetrating criminality which has given those agencies bad names

In Rivers State, Police have arrested a suspected illegal vigilante group operating in Port Harcourt following a tip-off. The suspect was identified as Alalibo Gogo. According to the spokesman of the Police, Nnamdi Omoni has told news men that investigation is on-going as vital exhibits where recovered from the office of Gogo. Gogo has since told the police that he has over 700 members.

Nnamdi Omoni has stated that the vigilante group is operating illegally as the Police is not aware of there operations so far in the state. The Commissioner of Police, Mustapha Dandaura has ordered more investigation to taken place as incriminating items where found in Gogo’s office during his arrest.

Multiple identity cards, application forms, papers resembling that of the police where some of the items found in his custody. The spokesman of the Police, Nnamdi Omoni said printing and using similar letterhead of the police is a criminal offence and investigation will be made to check mate if it has been used to perpetrate crime in the state

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