COVID-19: Kano State A Ticking Bomb That Needs To Be Stopped!!

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Everyday we get new updates from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on the situaton of the Coronavirus that has brought the world to a stand still since its outbreak in Nigeria (February 27, 2020). Nigeria still remains one of the African Countries faced with the Coronavirus pandemic (a disease that first started in Wuhan China in December 2019).

As at 10:10 pm 17th April the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control recorded an addition of fifty-one new cases of the COVID-19 with Lagos and Kano bagging the highest.

Lagos- 32 Kano- 6 Kwara-5 FCT- 2 Oyo- 2 Katsina- 2 Ogun- 1 Ekiti- 1

These were the reported cases from the official twitter handle of the NCDC with a total of 493 confirmed cases,159 discharged and 17 deaths.The Magnitude at which the most populated state according to census 2006 is at the rise is a thing to worry about. Just few days ago (14th April) Kano state only had a record of 4 cases but taking us to 17th April that number has increased by 23 making it a total of 27 just in three days. Kano seems to be the next hot spot after Lagos and FCT if proper and strict measures are not put in place as soon as possible.

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