Don Jazzy Breaks Down In Tears As He Reveals Why He’s Not Yet Married At 37

Micheal Collins Ajereh popularly known as Don jazzy is a Nigerian music executive,singer and ace producer. Don jazzy has revealed real reason why he is yet to be married in a new revelation released on his official instagram page on saturday April 18, 2020.On his instagram page, Don jazzy shared a TikTik video pf himself crying uncontrollably as tears rolls down his cheeks.

The video paint a breakup scenario as we begin to wonder if don jazzy was in a secret relationship as he was heard sobbing in the video while asking the lady at the other end if she ever loved him before the alleged breakup. The breaking point came when Don jazzy questions the ingenuity of her love prior to their breakup of which the lady responded saying “no i never loved you”Hearing this Don jazzy broke down into uncontrollable tears, he them caption the TIKTOK video “why i am not married”Thanks for Reading, please also like and share to friends.


  1. The heading reads” Why Don’t Jazzy is not yet married at 37″ But yet no clear reason was given rather we see “No. I have never loved you” why??
    What’s the reason? Why didn’t she loved him from the heart?

    • Do you come back late at night? Do you smook? Do you call other women before a woman you love? Do you show her respect? Have you ever gone to church with her? If you do 75 percent of these things she must love you

  2. Nonsense post!! Baseless!! No point

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