I can’t even marry someone like Dangote – Actress Oyinkansola Emmanuel

Yoruba actress Oyinkansola Emmanuel had made it clear in a recent chat that we can’t marry someone like Dangote.

According to the actress, marriage is more than wealth. She says Dangote and the likes won’t be chanced as they are always busy.

In a recent Instagram live chat with Yoruba Movie Gist, Emmanuel who admitted she is short, stated she wants a tall man. She also emphasized on wanting a God fearing and respectful man who would know how to treat her right.

She said: ”I will appreciate a God fearing man, who knows what it takes to have a woman at home as a wife. He must be very respectful and know how to treat me well. I don’t want a man that will turn himself to Mike Tycson or Anthony Joshua in my marriage. Regardless of his status, he must be very tall. I believe that I am short in stature and if I marry a short man like myself, we might end up having dwarf as kids”

Asked if she would settle for Dangote if she has the opportunity, she said: ”It is not about your wealth, achievement or your status. It is a matter of choice. I won’t feel the love like having my kind of man. Nothing a man can use to entice me that will freak me. You just have to be tall. I can’t even marry someone like Dangote because he is a busy type, he might not be with with me physically. Not every problems money can solve, sometimes you just need the man’s presence. I am not saying I don’t need money, a man that must marry me must be okay in his only little way, he should be able to cater for his family, not the one that will become a burden on me. Even if he doesn’t have the millions yet, I will still go with him if he is my choice”.

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