“If There Are Mad Men, There Are Psychiatric Doctors”- Apostle Suleman Fumes Towards The Death of Uwa

Tell the men around you not to feel entitled to a woman’s body. Nothing justifies a man forcing himself on a woman absolutely nothing. It’s high time we change the narrative don’t say he was drunk or it’s the devils work. The thought was first before the action. He or they would have killed the act at the thinking phase rather he enjoyed every piece of the thought preceding the act.

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the president of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide has aired his frustration towards the alleged killers of one Miss Vera Uwaila who was found in the pool of her own blood after it was reported that she was raped and later murdered. Apostle Suleman took to his official twitter handle and wrote;

“I just spoke with the governor. The death of Vera Uwaila won’t be swept under the carpet. If someone could have the nerve to come kill a girl inside the church, then there would be consequences. If there are mad men, there are psychiatric doctors.”

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