Ogun State Press Release on Covid 19

Ogun state press release on Coronavirus update and lockdown.

He was declared openly on Ogun State Governor Twitter page that,

“Good people of Ogun State, read below highlights of my press briefing on COVID-19 today, 8th May, 2020 with updates on the lockdown, windows, measures, and response strategies and facilities.

Ogun State has discharged 20 patients, who have rejoined their families to continue normal living.

However, considering the astronomical increase that we have witnessed in the number of confirmed cases in the last one week with 100 confirmed cases and 78 active cases as at Thursday, 7th May, it is important we maintain measures that we have so far practised.

  1. These measures, which will be reviewed on a weekly basis and remain effective till Friday, 15th May are as follows:
    (i) Relaxation windows are to be observed between 7am (morning) to 5pm (evening) on Monday, 11th May, Wednesday, 13th, and Friday, 15t (ii) Daily curfew remains in place at all other times, as well as the ban on non-essential interstate travels; and (iii) Facemasks must be worn, if we must step out. We have provided a good number to frontline workers, civil servants and persons deemed incapable of buying the masks but individuals who can buy the item are advised to do so.
  2. We have tested 10,000 people and traced over 551 contacts of all confirmed patients. As a further step, we have also included security agencies, particularly Divisional Police Officers (DPOs), across all 20 LGAs in the State COVID-19 Enforcement Task Force to ensure adherence to these recommended measures.
  3. The Task Force has been directed to tackle effectively, the smuggling of persons, especially non-indigene relations of Ogun residents, in large vehicles conveying essential items such as livestock and other food items. We have also met with traditional leaders, especially in our border communities, to report suspected arrivals and movements.
  4. In the last one week, Abeokuta, the Ogun State Capital welcomed a 65-bed Treatment and Isolation Centre, in addition to its Infectious Disease Hospital in Iberekodo, giving the State a cumulative 300-bed capacity.
  5. I have received encouraging updates on the second phase of our distribution of palliatives to targeted beneficiaries, with improvement in logistics and cooperation from the end of the people.
  6. I however wish to stress again that it is unpatriotic, especially during this pandemic, for anyone to spread fake news & malicious stories. I plead that we make it a duty to verify forwarded news & refuse to concoct malicious claims, so that we do not cause unnecessary panic.
  7. I want to again express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed positively by any means to the joint fight against this pandemic, including all frontline health and security officials, individuals and organisations, … especially Hon. Titi Oseni-Gomez who made available, her Event Centre in Abeokuta to be the additional Isolation Centre I announced in (5) above. Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim brothers and sisters. May Allah accept our worship, forgive our sins, and look upon us with His grace. #COVID19 #BuildingOurFutureTogether”.

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