COVID-19: Hospitals in Anambra should provide Isolation Centres – Gov. Obiano

Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano, has ordered all hospitals in the state to provide Isolation Centres in their facilities.

Obiano in a statewide broadcast on Tuesday evening, said all hospitals, private and public must provide places where they can keep patients suspected of having COVID-19 while they await the result of their samples.

“Every hospital in Anambra State must set up a mini holding ward where patients whose samples have been taken for a Covid-19 test can be kept while the result of the test is awaited.

“This approach will minimize the chances of patients spreading the virus through multiple contacts.

“We shall soon be organizing specialized training on how to manage Covid-19 cases in Anambra State. We are looking for volunteer doctors, nurses, cleaners and other medical personnel whose services are needed in the management of Covid-19 patients in hospitals.

“The Ministry of Information will soon create the necessary awareness on the proposed training and how volunteers can be enrolled.”

The governor said that currently, 69 individuals were being held on home quarantine while two were in the facility-based quarantine.

He added that the Constitution of ward committees for Covid-19 has helped to stem the spread of the disease in various communities in the state.

Meanwhile, on the violation of the COVID-19 guidelines, Obiano reminded that he had signed the Covid-19 bill into law, and that those violating it risk arrest, just as markets may be shut because of the abuse of the guidelines.

He said, “I have signed the COVID-19 Bill into law. Under this new Covid-19 Law it is an offence to be seen in the public without a face mask. The offence attracts a fine of N10,000 or some hours of community service.

“I would like to re-emphasize that my administration is determined to enforce this law. So, I’d advise every ezigbo onye Anambra to comply with this law to avoid paying the fine that comes with disobeying it.

“I have it on good authority that traders in various markets no longer comply with the enforcement of the wearing of face masks and the washing of hands. I want to warn that we may consider shutting down the markets if this trend is not halted with immediate effect.

“I have also received similar reports from churches and other religious groups in the state most of whom have discarded the wearing of face masks. I urge the leadership of all religious bodies in Anambra State to ensure compliance with the standard protocols of COVID-19 without further delay.”

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