Love or Black magic: See what man found by the Seashore!!

When love is true and genuine, it is one of the most beautiful experiences but when it is controlled by an external force or evil supernatural means, then a terrible end is around the corner.

According to a social media Ghanaian user, Nana Kwame took to his Twitter handle to show off a picture of a young man and a young lady placed together inside a pineapple. The identity of the picture holder is still yet unknown, but judging from the picture, it looks more like a love charm. Remember pineapple is sweet, so just maybe, the love should be sweet as the fruit.

“Look what was found at Atlantic Ocean Shoreline. Picture of a guy and a lady played inside a pineapple.” Kwame wrote.

A shoreline is the land along the edge of an area of water (such as an ocean, lake, etc.) or a line where a body of water and the shore meet. It feels more like the pineapple was thrown in the ocean but it managed to find itself by the shore.

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