Over 60 Residents Convicted In Ekiti For Violating Face Masks Regulations

The task force in charge of the current pandemic in Ekiti state, says it arrested over 60 people who violated the compulsory face masks regulations in the state.

The use of face masks is one of the measures made by the federal government to curb further spread of the deadly virus as states around the country have abducted the measure and made it compulsory. According to the chairman of the task force, Bolaji Aluko, said 60 offenders were arrested in various parts of the state, as he expressed his concern over some residents’ refusal to wear the face masks.

“A fine of N5,000 is imposed on the convicts for refusal to wear face masks in public, in line with the new law to contain the disease. It costs only N100 or N200 to buy a face mask and a little inconvenience to wear it, now you have to be caught and charge N5,000,” Bolaji said.

Bolaji went further to urge drivers when alone in the car, to always have their face masks in their cars or pocket because, they may not be arrested by security personnel’s, but will be asked to show their face masks because, they will surely come down from their vehicle and go somewhere.

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