Man Reunites With His Son After His Father In-Law Seized Him For 4 Years, Here Was His Reason

Cultures and traditions differs, as Princewill Njoku (a banker), has been reunited with his son, after four years of struggle with his father-in-law over custody.

According to reports, it was learnt that Princewill lost his wife Favour, shortly after the birth of their son, and her father, Osuchukwu, who is a community leader in Umunokwara Umucheke Okwe, Onuimo Local Government Area of Imo State, seized the son of his late daughter.

Osuchukwu had earlier claimed that his daughter was not properly married, and as that, Princewill has to marry her in death or forget their son.

“In Igboland, if you don’t marry someone completely when she is alive, you will complete the rites when the person dies. So, Princewill should do the right thing,” Osuchukwu said in 2017.

In Princewill’s defense, he claimed he did and performed all marriage rites with picture evidence to show for. The case which lingered since 2017, just went in favor of Princewill as he has been reunited with his son after the DPP had got marching orders from the Lagos State Attorney-General for his case to be looked into. The case was transferred to the Yaba Magistrate Court that ruled in his favor.

“I give God the glory for disgracing all those who put impediments on the path of truth coming out. I was able to get my son back without struggling for it. The day he returned coincidentally was my birthday.” Princewill said.

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